Monday, June 11, 2007

Shabby Chic - Criss Cross Card

[Say that 5 times Fast] This card will go out to a friend that recently had back surgery AND has the same Birthday as my daughter Bella Rose.

My friend Brenda inspired me to make this card...what am I talking about...she sent me the explicit set of directions because we've decided to pick a few card types to try and have our own Virtual Stamp Night (seeing as SCS's isn't until September...who has the patience to wait that long).

So I made this Criss Cross Card...I even broke open a new pack of paper to do it! I know baby steps...sometimes I just can't believe how anal I am. So afraid to touch, consume the pretty stuff.

Anyway about the card...there is almost no stamping!!! Just a little Happy Birthday in the bottom right hand corner of the insert card.

So the instructions are (and I'm copying and pasting here):
1. Cut the paper so that you have a 4” X 12” piece. Score at 5 1/2” and 11” this will leave a 1” ‘leftover’ at the end. Keep the 1” section on your right.
2. Cut diagonally from the bottom left side to the top where you made your score mark at 5 1/2”. [This will give you left hand triangle piece (attached and right hand one to paste onto 1" bit). ]
3. Now fold in on the two score marks—the triangle part and the 1” section. Now adhere the loose triangle to the 1” section. Trim the tiny triangle part that is still visible at the top of the 1” section.
[I adhered my pretty paper (Wild Asparagus Pack...from Costco) before I started gluing everything together.]
4. I punched out my circle [I also used the remaining bit from the big piece] for the insert part of the card from the triangle section that will be covered once everything is glued down. Now glue the bottom of the folded-in triangles to create the bottom of the card. I found that Mon-Multi worked well for this. [I started with Yes glue then realized I needed something stronger so used ds sticky tape (the red tape)]
5. For the insert I used a 3 1/2” by 5 1/4” piece of paper. Round the corners, sponged, etc. I took the circle I had already punched, folded in half and used the brad to finish everything off.

I used the Palette Burnt Umber to do the sponging and to stamp the sentiment "Happy Birthday" from the TAC All Occasions set.

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