Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Triangle Pocket

So did you like these pockets? Did you? Well they aren't hard to make...take paper, make it square...any size seems to work. I used 6"X6" to make 4 out of a standard sheet of scrapbook paper.

Fold to make a triangle (point to point), fold one point in then the other...use double sided tape because this needs to be strong! Then fold down one of the top triangles to form the pocket.

Done. I added a little embellishment to the front and I tried stamping the blank white paper, but frankly I think it was fine blank!

I like this design so much, I think I am going to design a little card to go into the pocket so you have invite AND favor!

Tomorrow I will detail the Pooh books...they were fun and let me just say the book complete with sewing was easier than lining up the images to print out the book...figures! But if you want a sneak peak...visit Stamping Dani where she gives a very detailed look at how to do it!!!

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