Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Labor of Love

I know this is late...but well I didn't want to spoil it! Okay I made this card for my dad when I realized I had a matching set...husband and father...wouldn't work. Besides my dad is the most patriotic person I know, he really is more American than Americans!!

The card is very simple...but it is a labor of love because I started it at 2AM Father's Day Eve(because I didn't want him to know or not keep company with everyone)...and I stepped on a TACK down in my stamping room. I don't even have tacks down there, but well there you are (probably karma punishing me for waiting for the last minute).

Let's see card base is basic white cardstock overlayed with red designer paper from the Provo Craft Slab 5 collection. The blue strip is TAC Navy Cardstock and the star eyelets are also from TAC (at least I'm pretty sure...I won them from my TAC Rep). "DAD" is stamped using Palette Starry Night...and the TAC Ancient Alphabet.
Actually I think I am going to modify this for a BD card for a friend born on the 4th!!! Also this week I will be posting the favors I am making for Bella's BD party...Pooh related. She is really into Pooh...even though she is size of Piglet!!! And no I haven't started them either *grin*

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