Saturday, June 30, 2007

Card for a Soldier

Ahna of LuckyDuck Design (a very dynamic person and creator of EtsyGreetings) has a good childhood friend that recently returned from Iraq minus both legs and an arm. He more than anything has put a face on this war for me. His family are throwing a big Fourth of July party in his honor (and he should be honored...every day for the rest of his life). So any requested we send some cards with fireworks on it! So here is my oh so small contribution. I hope it will bring a smile to his face and that of his family (wife and two small girls) that are just so thrilled to have him back.

When faced with what to write in the card...all that came to mind was "thanks". Thank you to you and all the soldiers that make huge sacrifices, simple because you were asked.

Now the card is a simple one (basically my father's day card with firecrackers)

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