Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bella's BD Cards

So which one do you think I did! I tell you it is hard to tell. I was making lollipop favors (Tootsie Pops made into flowers)...the result was a bunch of little circles that were falling all over the floor. Simon saw them and said he wanted to make Bella a BD Card (she was sleeping) he started gluing all the dots and then I gave him two circle punches and he punched a few other sizes using the scraps. I was really proud!
While my daughter will be an artist (she actually refuses to color in coloring lines to hem her in!!!)...and boy does she have the 'temperment' to go with 'artist', Simon is going to be a gifted crafter. He is thrifty (like his mom) and sees art in leftovers. He loves tools (especially paper punches) and has an excellent eye for composition. I'm going to make hershey kiss roses today...I wonder what he'll decided to do with those scraps.

Okay I made the pink one with flowers (you couldn't tell could ya)...hee, hee. I have to admit I'm not super pleased with just didn't wow me. The background is stamped with Palette Claret the swirl from TAC Swirly Flowers LE and the flower, bubble is from the TAC Paisley Rocks (I really like this versatile...I've used almost every piece). The sentiment is a TAC GWP from I have no idea when...but I really like the font.

The main image is a Palette spot (Paris Lights) direct to paper then dried for a while!!! This is important...other wise it makes the flower bleed. The flower is also from the TAC Swirly Flowers LE and is stamped with Palette Claret. The papers I used were just some random paper I had hanging around.

Simon's Card is made out of construction paper...sorry about that I just didn't see making the flower pops with good paper when really people the kids are all about the candy...what flower? So I kept everything the same...and it is acid free so I could keep it (I think I will try and make a scrapbook page).

Oh is the inside! Just a son is awesome but no he doesn't line things up like this...not at 3...I line it up and he makes all the 'pressure' to stamp it!!! We used the TAC Ancient Alpha bet...the "for you" is probably a LE version of came in a grab bag so I have no idea other than it is TAC. Did mention he is a punch addict? Yes he punched this heart...why 'write' love when you can heart someone AND use a tool do it...such a boy.

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