Monday, June 25, 2007

Bella's BD Boodle

I decided this year I would make handcrafted favors...okay I was feeling guilty because I blew it with sending out stamped cards...was so late had to resort to sad!!!

So these are the favors I made for Bella. I made up a Scavenger Hunt around our yard. I highly recommend it!! Not only did the kids stuff their own bags...they picked out the color they wanted and it kept them occupied in between food and cake...priceless. Mine was simple (with ages 2-6 it had to be)...I printed out large letters E for Eeyore, P for Piglet...they found the letter and underneath it was a basket with one type of favor.
I took brown paper bags and stamped "Hunny" on the front and at the end we stuffed the top with yellow tissue paper "honey". The favors included:
W for Winnie the Pooh: Tag Nuggets with Classic pooh on the front
P for Piglet: Embossed 100 Aker Woods coloring book
K for Kanga: Honey pockets with flower
R for Rabbit: Hershey Kiss Rose Buds
E for Eeyore: Band-Aid packages...these weren't fabulous...perhaps another time (the blue thing at top in case you are confused.
Well I better get going and start working on those Thank You notes (thank god E-vite doesn't do those...I'd be tempted).
And despite evidence to the contrary...I'm not completely disorganized...I've just had about 30 requests for cards in the past week. 10th anniversary, BD...and my dear, dear husband handed me a list of cards he needs to send to the WHOLE family in England...and yeah one anniversary is next need to do that card ASAP (and it isn't the 10th anniversary one)!

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