Friday, June 15, 2007

Fraternal Twin Friday - Black Cat don't cross my path!!

I should've posted this yesterday...for the 13th! Today's 'match' is so is is essentially identical!

Kae1Crafts has created this wonderful TARADIDDLE Black CAT Number 6, an ACEO.

Taradiddle is defined as silly talk or writing but I choose to define it as silly art thus this series of ACEOs was conceived. Cats can be silly, mysterious, serene, mischievous, or a multitude of other moods so I’ve been working with a wide variety of materials to reflect their multifaceted personalities.

This collection was started because of our ACEO Street Team’s collaboration to produce a collection of animal-themed ACEOs as an animal charity fundraiser. I had so much fun making the first one that the collection just grew. For the most part, I’ve stayed with an identifiable shape for the cats. All are constructed on recycled card-stock, discarded paper CD holders or advertising mailer inserts.

And here is my match a set of Black Cat Note cards.

We have two black cats, Frik and Frak, they inspired these notecards. So I like black cat items...we have a fun at Halloween!

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