Thursday, June 28, 2007

Little Pooh Book!

Finally I have a chance to show you a little more detail on that Pooh Coloring Book. I just LOVE it...and it makes the perfect little Party Favor.

I actually hand wrote the "100 Aker Wood" because well my handwriting is SOO bad it looks like a toddler's.
Here are detailed instruction (these have an English translation) from Stamping Dani with template (which I just realized are in Italian [which I read and speak so forgot] but the pictures give you the general idea) and the like for how to make the book...only thing I can add, is the American Measurements...I used 12X12 paper and cut it 4" X 10.5" so I could get 3 per sheet.

I didn't have string so I used ribbon to bind the pages. It is a simple butterfly closure (and Dani has a diagram of that as well).

Now for the inside...and the incredibly HARD part. I found several coloring book images and resized them to be 3X4" and printed them out on regular paper.

Next time I will actually do this on cardstock and double side...or add more sheets regular paper. I used to do graphic design, so I used to do things like this all the time...but it is a whole new world and the more programs "help" you the less you can actually do with the darn things. So I started with PowerPoint, then moved to Word...I think Adobe Photoshop would've been the best option...but it wasn't installed (new upgrade to Vista...messed up my whole life! I'm still recovering).

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